Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting


Unlike many CPA firms, OUM provides litigation support and expert testimony to objectively present and support cases. OUM's experts consult with litigators and provide expert testimony on issues related to proving and pricing damages and business value. We evaluate claims prior to the filing of a lawsuit, assist in the development of a discovery plan, analyze business records and testimony, and summarize facts and analyses into meaningful and easily understood information.

Our forensic accounting experts combine investigative prowess with accounting and auditing skills to uncover important data and financial information. Our team includes our professionals in the fields of taxation, financial reporting, real estate, IT risk assessment and financial services. Our experience in the courtroom ensures that the results are understandable and persuasive.

We have provided consulting and expert witness services to a diverse set of industries including technology, franchising, retailing, real estate, leasing, lending, non-profits and hospitality/restaurants.

We have provided expert testimony in both Federal and State courts covering a broad range of cases involving:

  • Economic damages and lost profits calculations
  • Forensic accounting and financial analysis
  • Construction claims and damages
  • Actions against professionals
  • Business fraud
  • Merger and acquisition transaction disputes
  • Royalty audits
  • Application of accounting principles


Fraud impacts companies of all sizes in all markets, big or small, public, private, government, or nonprofit. No organization is ever fully protected from the risk of fraud losses. If you have concerns that you may be at risk, OUM can provide the professional assistance to investigate your concerns and determine if fraud has occurred. We work with management to identify fraud, bring it to an end, and improve the control environment to reduce the chance of recurrence.

Even if your company has been lucky enough to avoid fraud losses, taking steps to prevent or monitor the areas where fraud can occur makes good business sense. You can reduce your risks significantly by implementing effective internal controls throughout the organization. Our professionals can help design a strong internal control environment specific to your company's unique operating environment. We can also help you implement efficient controls designed to leverage your management's skills. Do not underestimate the power of a well-designed internal control environment in supporting growth and helping your company operate more effectively and efficiently.