Our Philosophy

Our core values represent a collective reflection on what the individuals of OUM consider important. We believe that by incorporating these values into our lives, we will be better prepared to serve our clients and become productive, caring citizens who will make a positive contribution to our communities.

Respect and Recognition: We promote mutual respect throughout our organization by treating each other as we expect to be treated. We recognize, appreciate and reward the efforts of our people.

Trust: We make trust the foundation of all our relationships and cultivate it every day. We are accountable to, and can rely on, each other for honesty and good faith efforts. Our communications are open and authentic using a collaborative based approach.

Success: We are driven to accomplish challenging goals and improve productivity, with an overriding emphasis on service. We have high standards for ourselves and others, and we pursue success with confidence, optimism and determination.

Quality: We call it doing things right. We solve difficult problems by using creative thinking and teamwork. We consistently identify means and methods to perform tasks more efficiently. We continue to expand our knowledge base, and share that knowledge within the organization.

Community: We are one firm, one team. We believe that succeeding as one firm is more important than succeeding independently. Balancing empowerment and interdependence makes us stronger. By building an OUM "community" we are better prepared to become caring citizens who will make a positive contribution to our team members and our communities.